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What We're About

We’ve done the hard yards and now have suppliers, pickers, hustlers, scroungers, hunters, negotiators, fine-tooth-combers, explorers, raiders, diggers and - well, legit buyers. 

The brainchild of two friends, Katie Hofman and Jai Spence, Vintage Marketplace was born in 2009 after the duo took a trip to the States with one intention: to find  the best vintage gear on the market and bring it home to Melbourne.

Armed with a stack of primo vintage gold, the pair decided to try their luck selling the goods based on the simple concept of ‘first in, best dressed’. They would upload a photo to their Facebook page and the first person to comment, “SOLD” on the image would be the lucky buyer of that particular item. 

Since then, Vintage Marketplace has launched a successful online store, two Victorian-based retail stores, and gained a collective following of over half a million across all social media channels.

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