The who, where, why & how
of Vintage Marketplace..

Vintage Marketplace, as in good friends Katie Hofman and Jai Spence began as an idea that has evolved into the international brand it is today

In Late 2009, the duo made a trip to the US with one intention: Find the best vintage possible and bring it back to Melbourne, Australia. From Brooklyn Flea markets, Hollywood Bowls, dusty out-of-suburban warehouses, a San Fransico Treasure Hunter and countless Vintage stores, Vintage Marketplace was conceived.

 On return Vintage Marketplace began as a small stall at local Melbourne markets which quickly gained popularity within those brave enough to get up early on a Saturday and Sunday morning. It was then one day in September 2010 a package of new stock arrived a week prior to the next market. How can we showcase what we have coming up at the next market the couple thought? On a whim and in a rush they shot their 6 favourite new pieces and popped them up on their newly acquired Facebook fan page, with the only intention to pre show a sample of items that will be selling at the up coming market.  

“It was only on the return from a lunch meeting, Kate and Jai discovered that all 6 items had numerous comments about purchasing prior to the market” 

Vintage Marketplace was born.

Some pundits suggest that this strategy of selling through facebook which eventually became a first-in bestdressed (first to comment sold gets the item) scenario was the first of its kind.

Boldly selling directly from the Facebook page Vintage Marketplace grew at a vast rate and with the direct communication with every single buying customer built a unique and wonderful rapport with all customers.  The platform for selling became so powerful that most new items would never last more than a few days on the racks.

Strong branding and a focus on nostalgic culture Vintage Marketplace the ‘Idea’ became Vintage Marketplace the ‘brand’ 

Vintage Marketplace is about Nostalgia,  Good Times,  One Of A Kind, Standing out in a crowd, uniqueness,  the best of its kind and will continue to change and evolve in an effort to stay above the curb.